cutwrite — a new abbrviatd writng mthd


ive been wrkg twrds th smplfctn of the writtn wrd snce 2012–1st eliminatg pnctuatn capitl lttrs & accnts in my diary of a lost cause then inventing an extremly smplifid french languag calld nouvofrancet in 2016

tdy im proud to presnt my nw invntn called cutwrite — it can be applid to any languag &instantly learnd — though it may @1st appear hrd to read & a bit unervg bcaus of all th missg lttrs & wht may seem lik aleatory cuts soon yr eye wll grow accustmd to readg it &cutwrite will bcome a game as entertng as crosswrds or soduku

of cours youll start by fuming @me for massacerg th englsh lnguag but aftr a fw paragrphs i bet you get a feel for it & even estimate that in some wrds i leav too many lttrs intact

cutwrite is quite diffrnt from speedwriting — invntd in 1924 for stenography &which mainly only cndenses wrds — as it is shld be distnguishd frm teeline from 1970 whch much ressmbls todays txt mssging — — both requir th user to memoriz 100s of symbls &abbrevtns &are far mor rigid in applicatn thn my tchnq which can be masterd aftr readg jst a fw lines
the id for cutwrite appeard to me as i was txtg my daughtr in montreal — unable to reach her on whatsapp i wrote dwnld viber frm yr canadn nmbr — &instntly undrstd tht her brain wld fill in the gaps &more imprtntly that an easier writg methd was not just pssbl but also ncessary in ordr to facilitat communictn amng all humn beings

accrdg to th theory of th 99 mnkys it wld suffic that 99 indvduals locatd within a geogrphclly confind territry start maimg languag accrdg to the precpts of cutwrite for an exponential proportn of the populatn to do th same
so what ar y & yr 98 friends waitg fr — bnanas mayb